LEAK-GUARDIAN® Systems Provide The Best Protection Available For
The Prevention Of Uncontrolled Flooding From Pipes, Hoses, etc.
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At an average rate of 14 gallons per minute, how much water will be dumped on your floors before you're aware of the issue?.
HOME OWNERS: Loss of irreplaceable personal property, structure damage, and the cost of mold remediation efforts!
PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CORPORATIONS: Loss of hundreds of millions of dollars annually in rental income and profits every year in repair costs as a result of tenant irresponsibility and neglect.

LEAK-GUARDIAN® Just shuts it all down!!!

MODEL 1329
Our Best Selling Tank Gauge

Use with tanks that contain fuel oil or other liquids. The 1329 comes in 5 sizes or "TYPES" to accomodate tank heights as tall as 12 feet. In freezing environments use "TYPE A" Gauges.
See the Resources page for our sizing chart.
For bigger tanks please see our 1700 Series gauges.

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