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DOMESTIC WATER SUPPLIES - Potable water has always been a main cornerstone of every

society. We rely on it for maintaining basic standards of hygiene and sanitation as it is

conveniently delivered within the comfort of our homes. To this effect, most municipal water

authorities rely on considerably tall towers constructed not only for the mass storage of

sanitized water, but to achieve enough pressure to supply a local distribution system. Even

self-supplied well water systems that deliver ground water via powerful pumps typically generate

anywhere between 40 to 60 PSI of total water pressure.


In any case, this equates to many pounds per square inch of unrelenting force

placed on every pipe, hose, and valve that comprises a home plumbing system. What happens

when any component of a domestic water system becomes compromised and gives "in" to

water pressure is pretty straightforward and mostly unvariable: an uncontrolled and often

catastrophic flooding event.

Leak-Guardian® JUST SHUTS IT DOWN!

What makes Leak-Guardian® Systems so effective is our innovative approach to uncontrolled

flooding from any potential source. However it originates, whatever it is that has failed, a

Leak-Guardian® System JUST SHUTS IT DOWN!

PERSPECTIVE - Our point of view is basic. At the end of the day you can always resolve why

your water supply has been interrupted and address the pipe, hose, or appliance that has

failed. Without Leak-Guardian® the fallout of hundreds or thousands of gallons of water

cascading down your stairways, or accumulated in your basement makes an inconvenient

situation an outright disaster. In short, your home and belongings have a significantly greater

chance of avoiding the ravages of water damage if a Leak-Guardian® Flood Prevention

System is continuously protecting it.

COST - "Point of use controls" protect single appliances only such as your washing machine.

The price you pay for any of these single systems will go a long way in covering the cost of

installing a Leak-Guardian® System. Your investment in Leak-Guardian® will afford you a

"blanket" of protection for your home against ALL sources of uncontrolled flooding:




Hot tubs.

Ice Makers.

Dishwashing Machines.

Refrigerators with Built-In Water Dispensers.

...and the list goes on.

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A Leak-Guardian® system can offer your property "blanket" protection against uncontrolled

flooding thanks to our innovative and patented wireless sensor technology:


The unique advantage of a Leak-Guardian® system can be attributed to the wireless sensors

that support each installation. This small but powerful transmitter module has the remarkable

capability of broadcasting a signal that will effectively shut a water supply line down the instant

that water is displaced underneath it. The signal transmitted can cover up to 150 feet and is

impervious to walls, floors, ceilings and any combination of common building materials such as

wood or masonry products.


Additionally, the two 3 volt lithium batteries that power each sensor can last extensively long

periods of time. The reason for this is that energy is not expended from these batteries until

a Leak-Guardian® sensor comes in contact with water. It is highly recommended that these

sensors be checked at least once a year to ensure proper operation.

2500-015 Switch

Lastly, each sensor is equipped with an 8-PIN Channel Selector Switch allowing the user to

install as many wireless sensors at a site as needed. Simply remove the sensor cover and "key"

in whatever the selected address is on the existing receiver unit. Replace the cover and place

it near any potential source for uncontrolled flooding. The sensor will cover the immediate area

around the selected appliance like a "water" watch dog.

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Leak-Guardian® Receivers

The "smarts" of any Leak-Guardian® system resides in the the receiver modules. These RF

receivers continuously scan a radius of 150 feet for signals from any sensor within range that

may be reporting an alarm status. Upon receiving a sensor signal, these modules command

the motorized ball valve assembly to close effectively interrupting water flow through the main

supply line. In this condition, the receivers's audible piezoelectric horn will sound and the

ALARM mode LED indicator lamp (RED) will illuminate confirming the ALARMED system

status. With this condition acknowledged the user may depress the SILENCER pushbutton to

silence the horn and inspect the premises for the sensor that has produced the signal.


HWICP receivers have the additional capability of managing up to 4 hard-wire sensors that can

be placed at distances of up to 1,000'. These sensors are passive and therefore do not use

batteries and are virtually maintenance free. HWICP systems also feature a set of isolated

contacts (Normally Open, Common & Normally Closed) enabling the interfacing of your

Leak-Guardian® system with an existing alarm panel, phone auto-dialer or even perform pilot

controlling of water pumps, automatic valves or other equipment.

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Leak-Guardian® motorized ball valve assemblies are low-power, high-torque devices that can

effectively shut a water supply down within seconds of actuation. The importance of this method

for shutting a water supply down cannot be understated as the gradual closure of a spinning

full port ball valve eliminates a dangerous condition known as "water hammering". This

condition can be generated by devices such solenoid valves that snap shut to close a pipeline.

This action can generate excessive pressures due to the dynamic forces affecting the water in

motion. Water hammering, when it occurs, is known to compromise solder joints, rupture hoses

and even cause failures in pipes and appliances.


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All Leak-Guardian® motorized ball valve assemblies employ ball valves that are designed

specifically to be used with electrical actuators. These valves do not utilize synthetic flouropolymer

packing glands and compression nuts to seal against the valve stem but instead use an efficient

o-ring design that remains solidly encased in the body of the valve. Not only does this method

provide an excellent seal against ball valve shaft "weeping" but it also allows our actuators

to rotate the full port ball valves smoothly at lower torque thresholds. Lastly, all ball valves are

constructed to conform to section 1417 of the Safe Water Drinking Act (SDWA) observing a lead

content equal or less than 0.25% across all wetted surfaces.


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What happens after Leak-Guardian® shuts my water supply down? Aside from the

probability of finding the alarming sensor in a puddle of water or where there is evidence of

water having tripped it, each sensor incorporates an ALARM mode LED indicator lamp (RED)

as well. Once the cause of the alarm is found and remedied, the sensor can simply be dried off

until the indicator LED shuts off and placed back by the potential flooding source for further

flood protection. Once the sensor is dried and replaced, the user can depress the OPEN valve

pushbutton on the receiver module and open the flow of water through the main supply line

once again. This module also features a battery backup provision (9V battery not supplied) that

will continue protecting your home for approximately 24 hours of continuous operation without

AC power. This of course, in the event of a prolonged power failure. Additionally, the receiver

will sound a low battery warning beep approximately every 2-3 minutes if it detects that the 9V

battery is depleted or not installed. As a failsafe, Leak-Guardian® Systems do not allow for

automatic or remote resetting of their motorized ball valve assemblies once in ALARM mode.

Water can only be allowed to flow freely through the domestic water system again by manually

commanding the motorized ball valve assembly OPEN. Additionally, with a sensor in range and

in ALARM mode, should the user attempt to manually command the motorized ball valve

assembly OPEN, it will close quickly again. In short, if a sensor is transmitting a signal, the

system will keep closing the water supply line until the signal is no longer detected.


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Our receiver modules can always be viewed and used as an automatic water supply "control unit"

allowing users to OPEN or CLOSE their water supplies with ease at the touch of a button. This

is a valuable consideration for any family member that is not entirely familiar with their domestic

water system and may not know how to interrupt the main water supply in the event of an

emergency. With a Leak-Guardian® System, simply identifying the receiver module and

depressing the CLOSE pushbutton will accomplish this goal.


Hardwire sensor systems (HWICP) are also available for a "set-it-and-forget-it" approach to the

"blanket" protection that Leak-Guardian® offers your home. Hardwire systems eliminate the

need to ever check individual sensor battery life. This may be a consideration to make for new

construction sites or during the process of a remodelation. Please contact us for any special

adaptations of Leak-Guardian®. If it's stray water that you need to detect, we can help you

hear it and see it, but most importantly we can shut it all down before it's too late.


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Leak-Guardian® PRO


Leak-Guardian® PRO systems are the big, burly cousins of our conventional systems and are

intended for use in commercial and industrial applications. PRO systems can handle 1-1/4",

1-1/2" and 2" NPT ball valves effectively closing large water supplies as found in buildings

and pubiic installations. Boasting the same wireless features that smaller Leak-Guardian®

systems do, PRO systems can additionally support a maximum of (4) hard-wire sensors in a

similar way that HWICP systems can. They feature an innovative hands-free silencing circuit

allowing a user to silence an audible alarm condition by simply holding his or her finger close

to the buzzer sound hole without having to actually touch it. One touch OPEN and CLOSE

push-buttons allow for the manual operation of the motorized ball valve and control of water

flow. Status of the system mode is reported by a GREEN lamp for OPEN and a red lamp for

CLOSED. Built into a sturdy ABS enclosure with quick action cover clamps, PRO receivers

feature a high quality flexible whip antenna and can be installed up to 10' away from the

motorized ball valve that it controls. These systems are powered by a 125 VAC adapter that is

supplied with every unit.


Leak-Guardian® PRO motorized ball valve assemblies operate on 12 VDC power supplied by

the receiver and can generate astonishing torque values between 133 and 260 lbs/inch. Also,

these ruggedly built assemblies run constant power to an internal heating element designed to

reduce humidity within the chassis thus minimizing the formation of ice and ultimately the chances

of these assemblies seizing up in the field. Built tough, Leak-Guardian® PRO will get big jobs

done and eliminate the potential of the massive flood that could be generated by a large pipe

flowing uncontrolled due to a serious plumbing failure.



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