Our Model 1329 remote reading tank gauge has long been considered an industry standard and boiler room staple in thousands of commercial and residential installations nationwide. Although this instrument is commonly used for fuel oil storage tanks, it can provide remote level readings in ANY liquid storage containment that is vented to atmosphere, and within a specific dimensional range in terms of height. It can be used to measure the level of ANY type of liquid: motor oil, waste oil, anti-freeze, water, etc.

The Model 1329 gauge is completely self-contained requiring no electrical power sources, or external compressed air supply. Furthermore, this system uses no moving parts and is virtually maintenance free. Our gauges are known to last for extensive periods of time, in many cases giving decades of reliable tank indicating service.

These handcrafted indicators are available in five different "types" or sizes depending on your specific tank height and product. These types are: 112, 114, 225, 227, and 339. Please refer to the Selection Chart in our resources section, or call us for assistance in selecting the right type to suit your needs.

If your gauge will be installed in an unheated area, please select a type that includes the "A" designation at the end of the "type" number, and size it according to our Selection Chart for non-freezing gauges (i.e. 1329-114A). These devices use a non-freezing indicating fluid that allows them to operate in extreme temperatures as low as -40 F.

Although these gauges are non-freezing, they are NOT weatherproof. Please refer to our Model 1527 weatherproof gauges for this purpose. Also, please note that non-freezing gauges use special calibrated scales as opposed to standard scales, so always let us know if your gauge is of the non-freezing type when ordering a calibrated scale.

All Model 1329 gauges include a "blank" scale calibrated in either inches of No.2 or No.6 Fuel Oil. The right side of each scale features a series of blank spaces for the purpose of inserting the corresponding gallon values according to any tank manufacturer inch/gallon tank volume chart when available.

As an option, Petro-Meter has the capability of generating accurate custom scale calibrations that will include the inch/gallon increments for your specific tank . Say you don't have a corresponding gallon chart for your tank; don't worry. Simply send us the dimensions of your tank (diameter, length, dish depths, etc.).

The inch/gallon information will then be calculated for your tank and your custom scale generated, printed, and subsequently hot laminated for improved endurance and resistance. Our proprietary software can account for any variety of different tank configurations that you might have. In any event, you can always order a custom inch/gallon scale at any time and simply insert it into your Model 1329 as needed. Please note that if you change tank service or product type (i.e. No.6 Fuel Oil to No.2 Fuel Oil) a new calibrated scale must be ordered for continued accuracy in tank level readings.

Additionally, we manufacture a full line of Industrial Grade Liquid Level Indicators: our Series 1700. These rugged devices are commonly specified for use in factories, hospitals, airports, ship yards, waste water treatment plants, etc. Also handcrafted, these indicators are built to order and custom calibrated for the specific application intended. Please call us for assistance in selecting the best tank gauge to fit your needs.

We are always happy to assess, repair and/or rebuild existing industrial indicators or other equipment of our manufacture; please contact us for instructions on how to ship your instruments back to us.

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A Tank Assembly Unit constitutes the "other half" of any tank gauge system and is the sensing element for your remote reading tank gauge. Our most popular Tank Assembly Unit is the Model 1372. Sizing of this tank "kit" will depend on how deep your tank is, and how far from the tank you intend to install your gauge. You may select kits from one of four standard tank assembly unit lengths available: 25', 50', 75' or 100'. Ordering the right Tank Assembly Unit is easy: if you require a kit with 50' of 1/4" OD copper tubing you should order a Model 1372-50. Also, we can custom manufacture non-standard lengths as needed without the "custom" price tag that you might expect to pay. Our lead-times are minimal; please call and inquire.

For industrial gauge applications (Series 1700), we offer alternate tank assembly units for a variety of applications: non-vented containments, tanks with overhead restrictions, etc. For the latter, you might consider a "Segmented Leg" tank assembly designed in custom sections for ease of installation in tanks with mininal overhead working spaces.

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We feature a full line of level alarms and systems for the detection of leaks in tank secondary containment areas and/or sumps. Our most popular units are the Model 40 Type W Overfill Alarm System, our Series 20 Type T or Type TX Double Wall Tank Leak Alarms, our Series 1800 Single or Dual Level Alarms, and our Model 4HL Channel Multi-Level Alarm System.

Please contact us for the availability of these units directly from stock.


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A full line of parts and accessories are always in stock and ready to ship as needed.

Please call us for more more information.

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